Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ABC's V - If the left hates it, then I love it!

ABC’s new primetime drama “V” premiered last night to better-than-expected ratings, pulling in 14 million viewers, mainly among the coveted 18-49 crowd. Apparently it pulled in a rating of 5. I don’t know what that means, but it was translated for me as “very, very good.” In other words, ABC has a hit on its hands.

Now come a bunch of “Why?” questions. Why was showrunner-exec Scott Peters demoted and replaced before the pilot even aired? Why did his replacement Scott Rosenbaum receive two-year, seven-figure deal as part of the change? Why was production halted after only four episodes? Why was the original pilot tweaked to redo the final fight scene before air? Why do the writers need a hiatus lasting until March to “fine-tune” upcoming scripts?

I’m sure there are some perfectly good answers for many of these questions. But one certainly does wonder why an apparent out-of-the-gate success would be immediately burdened with so many obstacles that could likely drag it down. Another theory might hinge on the entertainment industry’s thinly veiled political stance and/or some early reviews from the old media.

As for my own review, I was thoroughly entertained. Like so many others, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between the show and current events. Despite the fact that the only overt connection to real-life was an off-handed reference to universal health care, leftist media outlets were quick to trash the show. Many made no effort to hide that their protests were in defense of another known well by a monogram-moniker.

This story from BigHollywood sums up the show and the left’s reaction pretty well: Left Lashes Out at ‘V’, Obama-Friendly ABC Purges Showrunner…

UPDATE: Jeffery Jena, who is acquainted with the show's developer, shed some light on the subject at I admit, some of my insinuating questions jumped the gun. But then again they were in response to the leftist media and the way they jumped the gun. It's interesting to see who is making what kind of connections.

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