Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Race and the Rally

I've been listening to far too much coverage of the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally, and do you know what I keep hearing? I keep hearing about race. Race, race, race!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

HuffPo vs. Beck Rally

No surprise, HuffPo has a lot of MB devoted to trashing the Restoring Honor Rally on their site, much of which read as though they had actually been written before the rally. There are so many articles, I won't bother linking to any but my favorite, a photo gallery entitled Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally: The Most Ridiculous Messages. Unfortunately, this morning the article boasted 30 photos, but as of right now, that number has been culled to 20. I wish I'd thought to grab them all, just to show how non-ridiculous many of them were. For example, one missing photo depicts a pleasant, likely octogenarian lady, wearing a stars and stripes scarf and smiling for the camera. Totally ridiculous, right? Even though the folks at HuffPo have culled their selection to the most "ridiculous" I don't think they even hold a candle to The Best Anti-Glenn Beck Signs At The 'Restoring Honor' Rally.

Anyway, I perused and participated in the flood of comments accompanying the article, and I wanted to preserve some of my thoughts as they are already being deleted by the HuffPo moderators.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go ahead, call Obama a Socialist

David Frum wants to make the case on why conservatives ought not to refer to Obama as a socialist. Though he seems to define socialism in much the same way as others using it, he doesn’t seem to know who its practitioners are. His fear seems to be of muddying the political waters when really it ought to be of clearing them. He claims conservatives are railing against the wrong thing, but his case is weak because it stands on a nonexistent comparison.

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