Wednesday, November 3, 2010

America says “Yes” to Just Say “No”

Well, it sure didn’t take long. The Democrats are singing a different tune after taking a shellacking at the ballot box yesterday. Overnight, mandates have given way to working together to move forward. Suddenly gridlock is the worst thing that could ever happen. Well, it bears repeating–again and again and again–that this is what happens every time Democrats face a setback in their political agendas.

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Solomon Kleinsmith said...

I didn't know you had your own blog... dig it.

Same flip that happens whenever anyone wins or loses big like this... if they don't have the power to shove things through, they say we need to work together. If they do, they say that have a mandate, as if the American people voted on their entire platform like it was a giant omnibus citizens referendum.

Solomon Kleinsmith
Rise of the Center

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