Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just a beautiful day

It is a beautiful day in Omaha today; sunny, warm, peaceful. It is a perfect spring day for opening the house up for some fresh air. As I write this, I can hear a lawn sprinkler repeating somewhere in the neighborhood, someone shuffling thing in their driveway, the occasional car as it drives past, and children shouting from a block or two over. My children are napping peacefully at the moment.
After a typical "dad" lunch of BBQ meatballs and fried apples, after the messy faces were wiped up, the three of us migrated to the living room. It wasn't long before my girl (3) was nestled into my shoulder. The next thing I knew, my son (1½) joined the pile. Spontaneously, my daughter awarded us boys with kisses and we all cuddled up, me stroking my daughter's hair, and she stroking her brother's. It was a moment of intense sweetness.

The next thing I knew, 20 minutes had gone and two little sleepers were drooling all over me. I whisked them to their beds and now I am telling you the story.

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