Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rick Perry's New Ad

Rick Perry's campaign released a new ad on Tuesday. I just wanted to share my thoughts on it and invite others to express theirs:

This ad makes me think that perhaps Perry is a different breed of Republican than we've become accustomed to. I already know that his campaign strategist, Dave Carney, is a different breed of strategist. But this goes beyond mere strategy.

Perry actually adopted the "President Zero" tagline, which is exactly what all the right-wing talkers were suggesting on radio and cable news. That is a major curveball. I was not expecting any candidates to take advice from the talkers. That is a very anti-establishment move. That really demonstrates Perry's receptiveness to the conservative base.

As for the ad itself, it is extremely cinematic. The approach is not necessarily novel among political ads anymore, but it’s still not the norm. What sets this ad apart is its full embracing of that approach. He's not just dipping his toes in. This is a Hollywood movie trailer! The only thing missing is “Coming in 2012” at the end.

When I saw the nearly two-minute runtime I thought, oh boy, this is going to be unbearably long. Most people can’t maintain attention through 30-seconds of politicking. But when I watched, I found myself swept up in the ad. The time flew past and I found myself reacting with, it’s over already? I will confess a few emotional stirrings while watching the thing. I consider myself fairly well-versed in cinematic techniques, which generally renders me immune to its effects. What I’m trying to say is, that’s good theatre!

Back in 2008, Obama was praised for his modern campaign approach, his use of new media, and his cool Madison Avenue style branding. Even if his presidency is a resounding failure, no one can deny that Obama’s campaign was a rousing success. McCain’s campaign, in comparison, was tired, routine. It was a white-hair’s campaign in support of a white-hair. Sarah Palin was its only spark, and she proved to be a lightning rod.

Well, look out in 2012. Already, Obama is his own lightning rod. Should Perry get the GOP nod, he looks ready to bring the storm.


AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I agree. While I don't think Perry will ultimately work out (he may, but I doubt it), this ad impressed me. The Republicans need to learn the art of marketing, something they've been horrible at! But this is the kind of ad that gives me hope that some of them are learning.

tryanmax said...

Oh, hey. I didn't realize you commented. Glad to have you here! I agree that Perry probably won't work out, either. But the ad was worth picking apart.

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