Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gaddafi is Dead

I'm gonna miss this face.
How this, too, is about Obama

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, paragon of fashion and autocratic ruler of Libya since 1969, is dead, presumably by sudden lead poisoning. 

The winner of the race to see who can jam Obama's name into a headline about Col. Gaddafi's demise first seems to be the Financial Times, with a piece entitled "Gaddafi death boosts Obama reputation." Clocked in at 4pm London time, FT beats President Obama's speech by a full six hours. Nifty headline, considering new polls have yet to be taken since the late Colonel's passing.

I have no doubt President O will get a handy post-Gaddafi bump. But considering how quickly his after-Osama bump spoiled, I wouldn't expect this one to last even as long. Did he even get a bump from al-Awlaki? Don't expect the spelling of Gaddafi / Qaddafi / Kadafi to stop changing, either.

Now with Gaddafi off the stage, the world is wondering, who will be next in the Obamistration's cross-hairs?  

UPDATE 10/21/11: Good thing I took a screenshot, because it seems FT has moved the link, changed the headline, rewritten the story, and removed the original dateline. If anyone gives a crap, the new story can be found here.


AndrewPrice said...

And don't forget he's also a Micheal Jackson impersonator... in many ways. Now he'd added one more, being dead and all. ;)

tryanmax said...

I always knew there were yellow "Thriller" eyes behind those sunglasses.

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