Thursday, January 26, 2012

Change is...Stupid

Obama's disastrous new campaign slogan

Hat tip to NotAWonk for alerting me to this piece of "comedy gold." We who have been paying attention already know that good sense is in short supply among Obama and his crew. To put a big underline beneath that, the Obama-Biden campaign has chosen "Change Is" for its 2012 slogan. (I'd say they put an exclamation point on it, but it's an open-ended sentence.

This is a slogan that is just begging to back-fire. It invites everyone to finish the thought however they choose. Allow me to demonstrate:
Change Is...bowing to foreign princes and apologizing for America's greatness.

Change Is...worthless solar panels instead of reliable fuel.

Change stamps for all!

I didn't even believe it at first, but ABC News is reporting that the "meme will likely be here to stay" as it already appears on campaign merchandise. Wow! And if you don't think slogans are important, don't forget the massive effect "HOPE" and "CHANGE" had, not to mention the metastasizing Ron Paul "R3ΛΘ7ION." But flipping a slogan can be just as powerful if not more so. Consider Landslide Lyndon's 1964 victory over Goldwater. Most historians credit the victory to the LBJ campaign successfully characterizing Goldwater as a loose cannon. Goldwater's slogan, "In your heart, you know he's right" was parodied into "In your guts, you know he's nuts." What do you think was swirling around in voters' heads as they stood quietly in the election booth?

Well, ABC first called "change is" a meme, and who am I to argue? Here's to hoping this one takes off, and to give it a little push:
Change Is...Death Panels becoming a reality if Obamacare stands.

Change Is...spending all your change and your kid's too.

Change Is...acquiescing to terrorist's demands for a place at the table.

Change Is...mocking, degrading, dismissing, chastising, recklessly minimizing Americans and their belief system.

Change Is...a transparent administration (oh, wait...)

Change Is...considering self-appointed czars a needed part of government.

Change Is...snuggling up to our enemies while alienating our friends.

Change Is...worthless solar panels instead of reliable fuel.

Change Is...remapping the Middle East and making it more threatening than before.

Change Is...bowing to foreign princes and apologizing for America's greatness.

Change Is...taking an economy on the brink and shoving it over the edge.

Change stamps for all!
Again, hat tip to NotAWonk for her contributions to the list. Let's keep it going, people! I want this coming back to my inbox in a month.


Patti said...

Change is when paying $50 for a tank of gas when you used to pay $20.

Change is making food stamps hip.

Change is folks who care about the future of this country being called terrorists and folks who crap on police vehicles the 99%.

(thanks for the hat-tip and link)

tryanmax said...

Patti, no prob! I figure we aren't just blogging for ourselves. (Or at least we don't mean to.)

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