Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

Snippets from other conversations:

There is a reason why the analogy is "slippery slope" and not "sheer cliff," because reaching the bottom is not inevitable on the slope. But if you only focus on the bottom, you are liable to not catch sight of the footholds you pass on the way down.

If there is one thing I wish I could make more people realize, it is that Republican ≠ Conservative. I also wish I could get more people to realize that Conservative ≠ Right-Wing. Conservatism is the real centrism.

"Moderate" just means taking liberal Republican ideas and throwing them in a blender with liberal Democrat ideas.

Comparisons between Paul and Obama cannot be made too strongly. Both have run on a blank-slate platform claiming their pasts don't matter. The Ron Paul RЭΛΘΓUTION posters put me off before I knew anything about the man simply because they reminded me of Obama's HOPE and CHANGE posters. Those gut instincts seem to have borne out.

Isn't it funny how Hollywood leftists are afraid of all the right things, but train their wary eyes on all the wrong places?

I spent half of the '80s babbling incoherently, but unlike some, it wasn't because I was snorting coke.

It amazes me that those who claim to love the Constitution most have the least faith in it.

Some Occupy Limericks:

Once a covetous group seeking thrills
Claimed disdain for society’s ills
So they held an event
In a park in a tent
Where everyone rapes, steals, and kills

One imprudent young malcontent
Slept in parks to avoid paying rent
A likewise fool friend
Joined, starting a trend
Now they’re called the 99% 

And speaking of limericks...
...a lot of lascivious activity goes on in Nantucket!  

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