Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Thoughts

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Andrew Breitbart
(1969 - 2012)
Andrew Breitbart's passing is only really a loss to his detractors. The left lost a whipping-boy while the right gained an icon.

The liberal wants to live like there is no tomorrow, but instead lives as though there was no yesterday.

Conservatism--as opposed to progressivism--does not resist change, it only asks that it be paced and reasoned and, ultimately, developmental rather than merely different. The counter argument runs that certain issues are too pressing for that. Yet here we sit, atop 5000 years of recorded human history, unjust all of it, and still we remain to sort it all out. Patience is not only a virtue for a man, but for mankind as well.

Here is the deception of the left: it doesn't teach that the false is true, or even that impossible is possible. Rather, it teaches that the improbable is likely.

People have the growing up thing all backwards: we don't built the adult on top of the child, we strip the child off of the adult. The fact that he looks bigger underneath is what fools you.

Elegance is not determined by simplicity so much as by appropriateness.

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