Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beck's The Blaze takes a lesson from MSM

How awesome is THIS?
In his quest to create an alternative media empire, it seems as though Glenn Beck has been adopting some of the practices of the existing one. This is far from the first time I've noticed it, but I'm in the mood to pick some low-hanging fruit, today. Today's case-study is an exposé on the atheist Reason Rally currently being held in Washington, D.C.filmed for The Blaze by one .

In the video, not only does Billy attempt to highlight atheistic ire for Christianity, but to expose them as hypocrites. His production cites the Q&A section of the Reason Rally website, which states:
Are we just going to use this opportunity to trash religion?
No. This will be a positive experience...

Indeed, in interview after interview, the atheists all uniformly mock Christianity and faith in general. I just have one problem--and this comes from the accompanying article--Billy specifically asked each of the interviewees to condense Christianity into one or two words. Now, if he was expecting them to come up with descriptions like "inspiring" and "just dandy" he is woefully naïve.

For the most part, his interviewees described Christianity with words like "a myth" or "anti-intellectual."One called Christianity "authoritarian," another, "paternalistic." And, yes, somebody called it a "clusterf**k," but with the exception of that guy, I though the answers were fairly staid, if not particularly accurate.

There is no question that some atheists, including several in attendance at the rally, are more anti-religious than pro-anything. Just look at this video of a guy dressed as Jesus riding a T-Rex. (Why he didn't make the cut for the other video, I don't know.) There is no need to press atheists into saying inflammatory things in order to gin up such a story. This is lazy journalism bordering on news crafting rather than news reporting.Way to go, Glenn.

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