Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Spin Cycle

There are two things I do every Sunday: I wash the laundry, and I watch the morning news shows. The former is necessary, but I don’t know why I subject myself to the latter. Still, like so much dirty laundry, the news on Sunday leaves much to clean up.

CBS Sunday Morning took note of a trend among GOP presidential candidates; they all rail against the failures European socialism on the campaign trail. But how does the rhetoric square with reality over there? Well, CBS found that if you cherry-pick your data, things are just fine across the pond. In fact, in <i>Northern</i> Europe, unemployment is lower than the US national average. So much for the pesky fact that the EU reported 10.1% unemployment in January.

But why get bogged down in lots of boring numbers when you can simply choose to miss the point? That’s ultimately the route CBS took when they praised all the freebies Europe bestows upon its citizens—you know, the ones which are driving the Eurozone’s debt and that Democrats over here are eager to emulate.

NBC’s Meet the Press is apparently the only show left which has not heard that George Zimmerman is Hispanic as they spent the morning wringing their hands over the common plight of the black and the brown man living in fear of whitey.

The pundits on ABC’s This Week have all but convinced themselves that the Supreme Court will uphold the ObamaCare individual mandate. Their hedge: any other outcome will just be the Supremes dabbling in petty politics. The Constitution? What’s that? 

Fox News Sunday had David Plouffe for a guest, who was spinning like a top for Obama. On the Keystone XL pipeline, he’s furthering the fiction that Nebraskans are the roadblock. As a Nebraskan, I can tell you, not true. He was also still trying to sell ObamaCare as a budget balancer and basically treated every other issue that came up as if it were still 2008. Wallace, unfortunately, didn’t push back much against Plouffe’s wild assertions, but to be fair he had on Paul Ryan as a counterpoint.


Individualist said...


Thanks for the recap. Glad to know that I was right in missing this...

Honestly Fox is the only News show I will watch and even that is spotty. I go to the websites more and more. About the only opportunity the MSM and AP Press MAfia has to get at me know is the press interlude on talk radio and if they start getting to bogus I will turn down the radio and wait for a few minutes.

The problem is that while you may actually look up the numbers in England and Europe for unemployement the average viewer is emulating the people from idiocracy

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tryanmax said...

Indie, too true, too true. I just find myself watching the Sunday shows every week (yes, while I'm folding laundry) and I usually find myself yelling at the screen. I decided that I need to vent that negative energy, so I'm going to make a quasi-regular thing of rebutting the Sunday shows.

AndrewPrice said...

Honestly, I can't take the talk shows anymore. They are packed with idiots. And even when they bring someone from the right onto the show, they tend to bring the clowns who buy into the leftist garbage.

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