Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Spin Cycle

Laundry day again! And you know what that means. To be honest, all the Sunday shows blurred together this week. Maybe because they all covered identical topics (moreso than usual) or maybe because I'm sick. Of course, it could be because I am typing on a Kindle (hence the delay, sorry). My lappy took a refreshing drink courtesy of my four year old girl. Still, I have thoughts to share.  

Agency Scandals

Yawn! The spin here was so dizzying as to make one nauseous. The takeaway is that this issue is so unimportant to the American people that all four major networks devoted a large chunk of their Sunday shows--Meet the dePressed even interviewing David Axelrod--to tell us just how little we care. Glad they cleared that up.  

0bama v. Romney

Clearly the White House is struggling to find a meme against Mitt, to the point it raised comments among all the lefties. Is Romney a spineless flip-flopper or a right wing hard-liner? Seems the White House aims to unify the two contradictory memes for maximum scare effect. It wouldn't be nearly as funny if all the pundits didn't agree that the strategy is genius. Of course, Romney's alleged inability to "connect" was raised. deFace the Nation brought it up with Romney advisory Eric Fehrnstrom. "Why do you think that is?" Bob Schieffer asked. And while Fehrnstrom didn't say it, you could see all over his face, "Because of idiots like you!" I love movements where emotion simply can't hide. All the left-wing pundits also take it as a given that 0bama has overseen some sort of recovery. They are absolutely perplexed that Romney could run against that. Let's see how perplexed they are come November 7th.

 Veep Nominations

Trust me when I say that no meaningful insight into conservative/Republican politics can ever come from the left-wing media. Unfortunately, Fox News Sunday didn't prove much better, tossing out the same bunch of unlikely names. Most anybody who is paying serious attention knows that Paul Ryan wants to and should stay in the House to work on the Budget Committee. But that doesn't stop the talkers from riling up the less attentive with false hopes and bizarre insults (such as, Ryan wouldn't be a serious choice because his budget isn't serious).

 Some Highlights

NBC's Meet the dePressed included a brief interview with Jay Leno. In it he shared that "Republicans really laugh at themselves more" while he believes that Democrats try too hard to overcome their seriousness. He had good things to say about Romney which can only improve his image. He also imparted a good bit of voting wisdom that I think we all could employ. Leno said that he doesn't question the candidates' motives, only their judgement. Wouldn't it be nice...

Finally, I caught an interesting "The More You Know" PSA (I guess I watched more NBC than anything else today) which basically admitted that the sun is the main driver of global temperature. Matt Lauer suggested that you could fight warming by either covering your house in tin foil to reflect the sun's rays back into space or you could simply log on to their website. The tinfoil should be on his head.


AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I'm amazed how little insight the talkers have for all the years they've supposedly studied politics. They all use the same tired conventional wisdom. None of them are smart enough to look at real predictive factors, to look beyond the spin, or to even think outside the box. There is very little left in the way of useful analysis in the media.

On the scandals, it is absolutely having an effect and you are beginning to see some panic on the left. The thing they are most worried about is that all these scandals are reminding people why government is a bad thing.

rlaWTX said...

"Matt Lauer suggested that you could fight warming by either covering your house in tin foil to reflect the sun's rays back..." maybe he has stock in Reynold's Wrap!!!

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I seem to half-recall some adage about the weatherman and looking out the window. In any case, the pundits aren't even looking out the window, anymore, let alone predicting what might be coming. That gives me a little further insight into leftist thinking. When you constantly deny present reality, the only way you can make an accurate prediction is by chance. No wonder they think successful people are just inordinately lucky!

tryanmax said...

rlaWTX, could be, though you'd have to check the website to be sure. Check the ad banners and such.

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