Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Hit: Obama has done nothing about autism

A few days ago, Commentarama came up with The Obama Game. Here's how it works...
One: Name a segment of the population.

Two: Name something Obama has done which you would use to try to sell Obama to that group.

Three: Then, name something Obama has done which you would use to try to get them to vote against Obama.
Since autism has touched my life, like it has so many other Americans, I came up with the following...

Autistic individuals and their families. Obama signed legislation to renew federal autism programs that were set to expire. But... that program was put in place by a Republican congress in 2006, the renewal is virtually identical to the original (i.e. Obama and the Dems haven't given any attention to the epidemic), and he allowed the passed bill to languish on his desk until the very day the original legislation was set to expire, creating unnecessary uncertainty and consternation in the autism community, arguably by medical definition the demographic least capable of coping with such uncertainties.

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