Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zimmerman's statement to cops sounds familiar

Police have just released video of a statement made by George Zimmerman on the day following his fatal encounter with Trayvon Martin. In the statement, Zimmerman claims that Martin spotted his gun and tried to grab it.

"He looked at it and he said 'You're going to die tonight mother f--ker and he reached for it," Zimmerman said. It was in that moment, Zimmerman said, that he acted in self-defense.

 I don't mean to cast any doubt on Zimmerman's account, but I can't help thinking that it sounds awfully familiar:


Individualist said...

Who knows what was really said......

Trayvon my have had it in for him or not. When you get yourself into a fight like that as an adult there is the reality of what is going on and what the law will allow.

People don't have time to consider the ramifications other than ending the fight. It depends I quess on how the individual wants to end it. You can try to get the other person to stop, control them, applying pressure to force them to end or you can hurt them.

IF one person has decided on the latter it is going to go bad. MArtin may have said this but it does not mean he really meant it. Could have been the shock of seeing the weapon and immediate anger.

I guess this is why one is supposed to avoid fights if they can help it.

tryanmax said...

Indie, I agree completely. Without any substantiating witnesses, Zimmerman's claim is pretty much meaningless. Anyone with an already made-up mind will regard it however suits their existing opinions.

But it reminded me too much of Roxy Hart's defense to pass up. That song started going through my head the moment the news story broke.

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