Monday, June 27, 2011

On Bachmann and Intelligent Design

Okay, not one of my best titles

In light of the supposed dust-up between presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and anchor Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday," I fully expect the liberal media to start dredging up all the things that she has said that they find “flaky.” Among those I bet will be her statement in support of intelligent design (ID) theory being taught in classrooms.

It just so happens I was was defending Bachmann’s statement on another forum lately. Of course I had to start from behind, first having to correct my opposition’s understanding of ID:

Problem is… “intelligent design” is a RELIGIOUS theory, not a scientific one. It absolutely belongs in a classroom… religion class.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Palestine, the 1967 Border, and Other Works of Fiction

A Crash Course on Arab-Israeli conflict in the 20th Century

In his excellent article, “Whencesoever Palestine?” Hassan Nurullah handily exposes the very idea of Palestine as an ancient-world political fabrication carried into modern times by anti-Semites of every stripe and color since. I highly recommend reading his article before reading this one.