Wednesday, June 27, 2012

McDonald's photo shoot

Being both a graphic artist and a proud former McDonald's employee (I say that with utmost sincerity) I just had to share this very cool, very frank peek behind the scenes of a McDonald's photo shoot.The video is in answer to a customer question, "Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?" Here's the answer:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Because He is Just That Good

There is a definite upward trend in both the quality and content of conservative political ads. Check this out:

Hat-tip to Patti at NotaWonk.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zimmerman's statement to cops sounds familiar

Police have just released video of a statement made by George Zimmerman on the day following his fatal encounter with Trayvon Martin. In the statement, Zimmerman claims that Martin spotted his gun and tried to grab it.

"He looked at it and he said 'You're going to die tonight mother f--ker and he reached for it," Zimmerman said. It was in that moment, Zimmerman said, that he acted in self-defense.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There's no such thing as a Stay-at-Home Feminist

Feminism is about giving women choices, a promise to every little girl that she can grow up to be anything she wants to be. Well, anything except one: a stay-at-home mom. This isn’t surprising in any way, but I have to give Elizabeth Wurtzel credit for being so forthright about it in her recent article in The Atlantic. She very directly refutes the idea that women can make any choice they desire and still be called feminists.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Snippets from other conversations

On obstructionist politics:

The false assumption made when asking simply whether obstructionist politics really work is that any given tactic will have the same effect regardless who is using it and regardless of the conditions in which it is used. This isn't true in warfare. This isn't true in sports. Why should it be true in politics?

It's not hard to see that obstructionist tactics are working for the Republican party right now. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to question a tactic's efficacy while it is working. The real question should be why it is working and what might cause that to stop?

On the purpose of laws:

The law should provide certainty where it otherwise does not exist. When new uncertainties arise, new laws may be created to deal with said uncertainties. However, when the creation of law becomes itself the source of uncertainty, then there is a real problem. We have that problem now.

More on obstructionist politics:

The “do-nothing” pejorative should be a compliment when applied to congress.


Whenever I hear the phrase "It's the right thing to do" I start working on math problems. Can anybody help me out with this one?

1 wrong + 1 wrong = ____________ 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just for Fun!

Normally, politics dominate the scene here at The Cogiteria, but all manner of things satiate the hungry mind. Still, in order to give the following some semblance of reason, let us just say that this is both a celebration of the Walker victory in Wisconsin yesterday as well as an expression of sentiments directed at Obama for this coming November.

Performer: Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira
Song title: Run Away
Song writer(s): Alina Galetskaya
Song composer(s): Anton Ragoza & Sergey Stepanov

For those who have difficulty with awkward, broken English, the relevant lyrics besides "run away from my life" are:
There's no other time to making
Happiness. You have mistaken.
We have no progressive future!
I know your lying nature.

Behold! The Face of Evil

Just kidding ;-)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Snippets from other conversations

...on Hipsters:

tryanmax said...
Frankly, I think progressivism is too status quo and should not appeal to a truly self-conscious hipster. Every counter-cultural option has been tried in the last 100+ years, leaving only conservatism as the last truly non-conformist political philosophy.
someone else said...
I think it's just the new word for "smug faux rebel." They're deeply materialistic and just think they have better taste than everyone else. And their penchant for cynicism makes them think they're smart.
tryanmax said...
So, even the definition of "hipster" is ironic? Well played, hipsters. Well played.

...on Alternate Universes

What if our universe is the alternate universe?

...on Gender-Based Abortion

in a way I am glad that the anti-gender-based abortion legislation failed. I don't care for the illusion of fairness when it comes to abortion. Let it remain as ugly as it is. Besides, while the subject may be sour, the irony is delicious. The Dems splutter about a Republican "War on Women," meanwhile they wage their preemptive war in the womb.

...on Entitlements

RE: Medicare and Social Security, The key phrase always seems to be "as we know it." Well, as I know those programs, they are inefficient, insolvent, and headed for collapse. Republicans really should pick up on that little "as we know it" turn of phrase and throw it back on Democrats.

...on Political Strategy

Idea for a strategy that Republicans need to take up: block-busting. Find those areas where Democrat voting blocks are not unified and exploit them. It's the wedge-issue technique with a twist. For example: Ethanol subsidies contribute to higher livestock feed prices, pitting one farmer against the next. So Republicans should point out that Democrats are literally robbing Peter to pay Paul when it comes to farming in general.

...on Liberalism

Liberals operate from a mindset that says X is always good and Y is always bad. They have no sense of degree or aptness. When a flaw is found in something from column X, they simply move it to column Y. Likewise, a single redeeming quality moves an item from Y to X. They frantically and constantly shuffle their lists of "good" and "bad" back and forth until there is no sense in it.

It’s like how everything seems to cause cancer. The trials involve exposing rats or other animals to ever-increasing amounts of something until cancer develops. Then the report comes out that such-and-such causes cancer, period. It goes on the "bad" list. But any reasonable person can see that the real cause of the cancer is not the substance, but the dose. Then, one day, somebody discovers a health benefit from the same thing and it goes back on the "good" list again.